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Wulver Game

Wulver is a game about a friendly anthropomorphic wolf who lives in a cave and helps the people of Scotland with their mythical creature problems. A 2D, top-down, role-playing adventure game with stylized, hand drawn graphics, and a narrative that helps teach players Gaelic and some Scottish folklore and mythology. It was the Overall Winner of the 2021 Kilted Otter Game Jam focused on exploring Scottish heritage, culture, and language. 


I was the only designer on a team of four. Developed the concept for the game, assisted with art direction, designed the level and quests, selected and edited the music for the game, created blend trees for sprite animations and wrote some C# to connect the animations to the scripts. 

This was a two month game jam but because most of us were in school at the time, we only worked on it for a few hours each weekend. We also had two teammates quit after the first couple weeks and were only able to replace one of them in the last couple weeks of the jam.

Platform: Windows & Web | Engine: Unity | Play on

3D Bistro Scene: Text
3D Bistro Scene: Work
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