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Social Space

Social Space is a 3D, stylized, casual game that teaches players how to practice safe social distancing while maintaining healthy relationships. You play as a young adult who visits the market each day to socialize and help the villagers who live and work there. Balancing the player and NPCs’ happiness levels with the risk of getting COVID-19, you must spend your limited time each day wisely to ensure the player makes it home happy and safe without contracting COVID or becoming too lonely.


I was the only designer on a team of five. My responsibilities included level design, user interface design,  gameplay design, and quest & narrative design.  This was a semester-long project and part of my postgraduate studies at Abertay University during the Spring of 2022 . 

Platform: Windows/PC | Engine: Unreal | View on

3D Bistro Scene: Text
3D Bistro Scene: Work
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