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Froge: Search & Rescue

Froge: Search & Rescue is an arcade-style mobile game where players must avoid obstacles and collect as many tadpoles as possible in the given time. Collecting tadpoles provides a score multiplier and hitting obstacles causes you to lose a tadpole. At the end of each round, your points can be used for upgrades that can help you achieve higher scores next time. 

This game was created in 2.5 days as part of Itch's Mini Jam #106 with the theme of "frogs" and the limitation of "limited time." I was the only designer on a team of four. Since we didn't have long to make , most of my time was spent creating and implementing the user interface,  but I assisted with gameplay design as well.

Platform: PC/Mobile | Engine: Unity | View on

3D Bistro Scene: Text
3D Bistro Scene: Work
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