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Down Current

Down Current is a realistic, first-person, 3D, story-rich game. Based on a brief from The Chinese Room, this dark atmospheric adventure was inspired by Celtic and Pictish culture and takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where magic exists.


Venture into Kipbury Chasm, a land like many others tarnished by the Dhymire, a toxic sludge-like substance. As a Filterer, your duty is to purify this land's water sources with the aid of your giant elemental companion, Genhu. Within these treacherous lands lies the threat of an oppressive regime of raiders who have staked their claim on the chasm long before you arrived. Get ready to explore Kipbury Chasm and discover more about the people, the places, the mysteries, and the apocalyptic event that regressed the world to ruin.

My primary role on this project was as the team's producer, but I also created and implemented the UI, designed all of the logos & icons for the game, and setup the post-processing and lighting to create the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. As producer, I led a team of eight (not including myself), created project timelines, outlined weekly goals for each discipline, led SCRUM meetings and discussions, found whatever resources the team needed, and presented our progress to The Chinese Room - who served as our mentors/clients - each week. Much of my work involved facilitating good communication and ensuring the team stayed engaged, productive, and collaborative.  This was the final project for my postgraduate studies at Abertay University during the Summer of 2022 where we were given 12 weeks to develop a vertical slice based off the client's brief

Platform: PC/Console | Engine: Unreal Engine 4 | View on

3D Bistro Scene: Text
3D Bistro Scene: Work
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